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simper v : smile affectedly or derisively [syn: smirk]

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Origin uncertain; compare Danish semper, German zimper ‘elegant, dainty’.



  1. To smile in a frivolous, self-conscious, often coy manner.



  1. A frivolous, self-conscious smile.


Spanish: sonrisa afectada f

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Nicholas John Simper (b. 3 November 1945, at Frogmore House Maternity Home, Norwood Green, Southall, Middlesex) is a bass guitarist, best known as a founding member of pioneering hard rock band Deep Purple.
Prior to co-founding Deep Purple in 1968, Simper played for a number of bands, including The Renegades (1960-61), The Delta Five (1961-63), Some Other Guys (1963-64), Buddy Britten & The Regents renamed Simon Raven Cult (1964-66), Johnny Kidd and The Pirates renamed Pirates (1966-66) and The Flower Pot Men (1967-68), where he played with Jon Lord. He also collaborated with Lord Sutch's Savages, where he met Ritchie Blackmore.
Simper was fired from Deep Purple in 1969. After his departure, he worked with Marsha Hunt, played on a Lord Sutch live album, and was a member of the following bands: Warhorse, Nick Simper's Dynamite (1975), Flying Fox (1977-84), Nick Simper's Fandango (1978-80), Quatermass II(1994-97), and The Good Ol' Boys (1985-now).


with Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

  • 1978 The Best Of Johnny Kid & The Pirates
  • 1983 Rarities
  • 1990 The Classic & Rare

with Warhorse

with Fandango

with Quatermass II

Guest appearances

Television appearances

  • 1991 Deep Purple - Heavy Metal Pioneers (Warner Music)
  • 1995 Rock Family Trees - Deep Purple (BBC)
  • 1999 Swinging London'' (WDR)
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affected, beam, bridle, bright smile, broad grin, crack a smile, ear-to-ear grin, gleaming smile, glowing smile, grin, grinning, idiotic grin, mince, mince it, prink, sardonic grin, self-conscious, smile, smile brightly, smiling, smirk, stupid grin, toothful grin, vapid
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